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Kisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.

Kisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Limited is registered under Sahakari Act 1992 as a Bahuudeshiya Sahakari at Division Sahakari Office Kailali in 1995 AD. In the initial period of its establishment it conducted activities that focused on buying and selling of consumable and selling agriculture inputs goods to the members, as well as providing saving and credit services and other activities that a normal multipurpose cooperative undertakes.  Later it realized that providing financial services to the members is most important to provide relief to the members from the exorbitant interest rates of money lenders prevailing in the community. Hence, it started process to obtain license from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) and was licensed by NRB in 1997 to provide limited banking services in the district. KISAN has been operating Micro-financial services since 2007 A.D. 









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